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Receptions Baby Chick Diary

Monday 13th March

We had a very 'eggciting' delivery in Reception we had 10 eggs delivered. We can not wait until they hatch we need to make sure we keep them safe and warm in the incubator.

Tuesday 14th March

Today we can not see any changes hopefully we might have a surprise tomorrow!


Wednesday 15th March

Our first chick has hatched we have a boy! We know it is a boy because the chicks feathers are yellow. We had a vote and decided to call him 'Chicken Licken'. Chicken Licken was feeling very lonely all morning he was making lots of noise and trying to tell his friends to hurry up and hatch. After lunch we began to see an egg crack, we watched our second chick Rosie hatch this was very exciting.

Thursday 16th March

The chicks were very busy after school when we came to school today we had 7 baby chicks, 3 girls and 4 boys. We have 3 eggs left to hatch. They like sleeping lots and cuddle up with each other. 


Friday 17th March

The chicks are going on an adventure to Miss Turley's house for the weekend! 


Monday 20th March

The chicks have grown lots over the weekend and we can see their feathers are beginning to change.

IMG_7270 (1)

Tuesday 21st March

The chicks have been very sleepy today! They have cuddled up with each other and had lots of naps. They are growing and getting much bigger.

 Wednesday 22nd March

Today we all held our week old baby chicks. We were very careful as we held them and gave them a stroke they feel soft and fluffy.


Thursday 23rd March

Today we have said goodbye to our boy chicks they are going to live on a farm.


Friday 24th March

We have given the girls lots of cuddles and strokes today. They are enjoying having lots of space and not having their brothers wake them up from afternoon naps.